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In Need Of Prayers?

Do you know someone who needs prayers?  Send an email to our pastorate prayer chain coordinator at pastorateprayers@gmail.com and they’ll forward the prayer intention to all those who sign-up to receive prayer requests.  Do you want to receive prayer requests by email?  Send an email to our pastorate prayer chain coordinator at pastorateprayers@gmail.com, identify that you want to be added to the list of e-mail recipients, and they’ll add your email to the distribution list to which all pastorate prayer requests are sent.  All prayer requests can be either specific or general, depending on how much information the submitter wants to make known about the prayer request.


Grief Share Night 


Held the first Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Ss. Peter & Paul Church basement, unless the date falls on a holiday, then the session will be held the second Monday of the month.  Contact Donna Cota at 563-581-735 for additional information or questions. All are welcome.


Deaths and Burials July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019

  • Bernard Tapke, Jr, LaVern "Bum" Riniker, Dorothy Ellerbach, Kenneth Bauer, Sr., Loras Stecker, Judy A. Gaul, James "Jim" Arnold, George Mihm, Carol Elsinger, Kevin Jaeger, Donald Wolf, Timothy Hammerand, Richard "Ernie" Goebel, Harlan Friedman, Carol Schieltz, Nicholas "Blackie" Schmitt, Esther Clemens, Eileen Klein,  Rita Lock, Merlin Schwers, Gerald "Jerry" Ellerbach, Ilo Welling Malik, James A. Maiers, Roy Gabrenja, Lucille Stoffel Brimeyer, Janice Ulbrich

Deaths and Burials July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

  • Harold Ellerbach, Lester Klein, Ann Krug, Dale Sabers, Verna Steffen, Jeanne Schmitt, Howard Breitbach, Lawrence Gaul, Dale Denlinger, Barb Casey, Eugene Hefel, Mary Duehr, Daniel Gaul, Brian Kass, Duane Heiderscheit, Janice Decker, Kayla Decker, Sally Klein, Stephen Walz, Robert Ungs, Glenda Reinert, Delores Klein, Connie Krause, Leon Cummer, Gerald Singsank, Becky Welter, Gene Paisley, Karen Birkel