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Reconciliation: By appointment - please call the Pastorate Office at 563-870-4041.

Baptism: During any weekend Mass or by appointment for special circumstances.  No baptisms during Advent or Lent.  Contact Cindy or Jim at 563-870-4428 if you are planning a Baptism.  Baptism classes are usually held the first Wednesday of each month (August-June) at 6:30 p.m after contacting Cindy or Jim.  All parents having a child baptized in the Pastorate need to attend a baptism class even if they have had a child previously baptized.


Due to the high amount of baptisms in the Pastorate, please contact Cindy or Jim at least two months prior to when you would like to have your child baptized so you can reserve a spot in one of the baptism classes.

Marriage:  Please reserve the Church one year in advance.  Contact Fr. Diehm at 563-870-4041 to arrange.  Once you have met with Fr. Diehm, you will meet with Jim and Cindy Roberts (563-870-4428) and complete the FOCCUS survey.  

Communion:  If you are home-bound and would like Communion brought to you, contact the Church office (563-870-4041).  At this time, volunteers from Holy Cross, Holy Trinity, and SS Peter & Paul are available.