Happy Father's Day to all fathers. May God bless you and your family. Happy Father's Day to all fathers. May God bless you and your family.

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Weekend Mass Schedule

    * Saturday - 4:00 pm @ Holy Cross

   * Saturday - 6:00 pm @ Sherrill 

   * Sunday - 8:00 am @ Balltown

   * Sunday - 10:00 am @ Rickardsville

Week Day Mass Schedule

   * Tuesday - 8:00 am @ Balltown

   * Wednesday - 8:00 am @ Luxemburg

   * Thursday - 8:30 am @ Holy Cross

   * Friday - 8:00 am @ Sherrill

What's happening?​​​​​​​​

  • Welcome to Alisha (Ali) Brehm who is our new Director of Religious Education.  She can be reached at 563-451-7136.

  • Catechists Needed: We need four catechists for our Faith Formation program. 3 are needed for Sherrill's Wednesday classes and 1 is needed for Sunday's classes.  These are paid positions.  Contact Ali (563-451-7136).

  • Pastorate Office Summer Hours: Through August 19: 7:00 am - noon.

  • Confirmation: Introductory meeting Aug. 31, 7:30 pm, La Salle School gym.  Contact Deb (563-870-3135) or Jane (563-870-4705). 

  • MASS CHANGE: Sept. 10, 6:00 pm Mass will be moved from Sherrill to Luxemburg.

  • Mailed Bulletins: If you are homebound or unable to attend Mass in the Pastorate and would like to keep informed of Pastorate activites, contact the Pastorate office at 563-870-4041. We ask that you provide stamps to facilitate the mailing.  Also, the bulletin can be viewed at any time by clicking the Bulletin button or link on the Pastorate website.

  • Holy Cross Church "Strength In Our Future" Capital Campaign: Pledge forms have been mailed. Resurfacing handicapped parking, steeple repair, electrical work, and debt repayment are among the fundraising goals. Thank you to all who have donated!

  • La Salle Catholic School Registration: We welcome all families and students of all faiths.  Registration is currently open for the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Thank you from La Salle Catholic School to all who made their gift to the 2022 La Salle First Annual Appeal of $30,000.

  • Thank you to all Pastorate members: Because of your generosity, each of the Pastorate churches has been able to satisfy the paying of their fiscal year bills and subsidies.  We are so grateful for your sacrifices and goodness!

  • Thank you from St. Joseph Church to everyone who came out to support the family fun day and meat sale.  The meat sale will continue Aug. 7 and Aug. 14. Contact Sara (563-542-6125) or Angie (563-258-1865).

  • Patriotic Rosary: Holy Cross Church each Saturday, 9:00 am.  It will be cancelled in the event of a funeral or wedding at the church.

  • Synod Survey Report Available: To view the report, go to https://www.dbqarch.org/synodal-church.

  • La Salle Catholic School: Envelopes were sent for the First Annual Appeal for La Salle School. Help La Salle Catholic School meet its building needs, technology needs, and overall finances.

  • Holy Cross Day: Saturday, August 13. Auction funds raised will benefit the Holy Cross Church Capital Campaign.  To help or donated, contact Brian (815-535-6840) or email brianmaiers65@gmail.com.

  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter: Sept. 9-11 in Dubuque; Nov. 18-20 in Holstein.  Go to iowa-wwme.org or call 563-608-3305.

  • 2023 Archdiocesan Women's Conference: Beauty in Christ: Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023. 9:00 am -1:00 pm.

  • La Salle School and La Salle Pastorate will no longer be accepting pop cans/bottles at the bin locations. Thank you for the years of donations.


We are in need of liturgical ministers to fill our liturgical roles.  Call the church office, 563-870-4041, if you can share your talent(s) with the Pastorate.

Weddings: Contact Fr. Tyler (563-870-4041) at least one year in advance of planning a wedding.

Baptisms: We are now scheduling September and October classes. Contact Jim or Cindy Roberts (563-870-4428) before planning or setting a Baptism date. Due to the high number of Baptisms in the Pastorate, classes fill quickly so allow several months to be scheduled into a class. All parents planning a Baptism need attend a Baptism class. Baptisms typically do not take place during Advent or Lent.

Informational Changes: PLEASE HELP!!! If you have a change to your address, phone number (such as dropping a landline), or family status, please contact the Pastorate office at 563-870-4041 or email dbq104sec@dbqarch.org with your new information. 

If you are requesting a Mass for a loved one, please remember to make all checks payable to the La Salle Mass Fund and mail all payments to the Pastorate office at 835 Church St., PO Box 398, Holy Cross, IA  52053.

If you are celebrating a special anniversary and would like to have an anniversary blessing or Mass offered, call the Pastorate office at 870-4041.

Anointing of the Sick is available at any time upon request or by setting up an appointment.  Talk to Fr. Tyler at Mass or call 563-870-4041 to set up an appointment.

For your faith growth...

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August 7, 2022
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