Weekend Mass Schedule



  Saturday - 4:00 pm @ Holy Cross NO MASS

  Saturday - 6:00 pm @ Sherrill NO MASS

  Sunday - 8:00 am @ Balltown NO MASS

  Sunday - 10:00 am: Fr. Diehm on Facebook,


(You do not need to be a Facebook friend to watch. However, parishioners are encouraged to friend Father.)

*** Sunday - 9:00 am, Attend Mass online with Archbishop Jackels. ***

Go to


where it will be livestreamed.

Week Day Mass Schedule

Tuesday - 8:00 am Fr. Noah J. Diehm on Facebook

Wednesday - 8:00 am Fr. Noah J. Diehm on Facebook

Thursday - 8:00 am Fr. Noah J. Diehm on Facebook

Friday - 8:30 am Fr. Noah J. Diehm on Facebook


(You do not need to be a Facebook friend to watch. However, parishioners are encouraged to friend Father.)

What's happening?​​​​​​

  • Masses will resume starting May 30th.  Please read the document under "The Church is here for you..." at the top right for the guidelines we are obligated to follow.  Until then, please feel free to watch Tuesday thru Friday Masses on Fr. Noah J. Diehm's Facebook page.  Archbishop Jackels will celebrate Mass online on Sunday morning at 9:00 am.  See the upper right section of this page, "The Church is here for you..." for more information.

  • The Pastorate office will be closed on Monday, May 25, for the Memorial Day holiday.

  • Faith Formation: Classes have been cancelled until further notice.  Totus Tuus has been cancelled.

  • 1st Communion Rehearsal & Retreat: POSTPONED. 

  • All La Salle Pastorate Churches will be open as normal.  Please feel free to stop for private prayer and reflection whenever you desire.

  • Free trial offer of religious resources.  Go to www.formed.org and click "sign up" then choose to sign up either as an individual or I belong to a parish or organization.  Type La Salle Pastorate and then your name and email address.

  • Deepest sympathies and Pastorate prayers to to the family and friends of Victor Leibfried.  May his soul rest with the angels in heaven.



Weddings: Contact Fr. Diehm (563-870-4041) at least one year in advance of planning a wedding.

Baptisms: June classes will be held online.  Contact Jim or Cindy Roberts (563-870-4428) before planning or setting a Baptism date.  Due to the high number of Baptisms in the Pastorate, classes fill quickly so allow several months to be scheduled into a class. All parents planning a Baptism need attend a Baptism class (the first Tuesday of each month, except on holidays).  Baptisms typically do not take place during Advent or Lent.

Informational Changes: If you have have a change to your address, phone number (such as dropping a landline), or family status, please contact the Pastorate office at 563-870-4041 or email dbq104Sec@dbqarch.org with your new information.  Thank you for helping to keep our Pastorate information up to date!

Pastorate Office Update: When visiting the Pastorate office we ask that you ring the doorbell, if needing to drop an item off, please hand it to the person who answers the door for you.  We are refraining from anyone entering the office unless it is for a necessary purpose.

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