Happy Father's Day to all fathers. May God bless you and your family. Happy Father's Day to all fathers. May God bless you and your family.
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Please watch this video from Archbishop Jackels

Weekend Mass Schedule


   * Saturday - 4:00 pm @ Luxemburg

   * Saturday- 6:00 pm @ Rickardsville

   * Sunday - 8:00 am @ Sherrill

   * Sunday - 10:00 am @ Holy Cross


Confession Schedule: 30 minutes before each weekend Mass.

New Weekend Mass Schedule Beginning in July

   * Saturday - 4:00 pm @ Holy Cross

   * Saturday- 6:00 pm @ Sherrill

   * Sunday - 8:30 am @ Rickardsville (1st, 3rd, 5th)

                                        Balltown (2nd, 4th)

   * Sunday - 10:30 am @ Luxemburg

Week Day Mass Schedule  


   * Tuesday - 8:00 am @ Balltown 

   * Wednesday - 8:00 am @ Luxemburg 

   * Thursday - 8:30 am @ Holy Cross

   * Friday - 8:00 am @ Sherrill NO MASS

If school is delayed or cancelled, the daily

Mass is cancelled.

Adult Confirmation: If you are an adult who would like to be Confirmed, please contact

Jim or Cindy Roberts at 563-870-4428.

Patriotic Rosary: The Rosary meets on Saturdays at 9:00 am at Holy Cross Church.

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Mass: June 11, 2023
Matthew Kelly
Fr. Mike Schmitz
Catholic Central

Here's what's happening!​​​​​​​​

  • If you are mailing anything to the Pastorate office, please use our PO Box number which is 398.  Do not use our street address.

  • Mailing Paper Bulletins: If you are unable to attend Mass and would like a bulletin mailed to you, please contact the Pastorate office at 563-870-4041.  We ask that you provide us with stamps to facilitate the mailing of the bulletin.

  • The Patriotic Rosary meets on Saturdays at 9:00 am at Holy Cross Church.  It will be held each Saturday unless there is a funeral or wedding.

  • La Salle Catholic School Registration is now open for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Call 563-870-2405 with questions and to register.

  • Our Pastorate Facebook is up and running! Go to www.facebook.com/LaSallePastorate/ and follow/like to get updates on what is happening in our Pastorate.  You can, also, click the Facebook icon at the top of this page to go to Facebook.

  • Board members needed:  La Salle Catholic School is in need of two board members from the Rickardsville Parish, two members from the Luxemburg Parish.  Many thanks to outgoing board members who have dedicated their time and attention to the school with their past service.  Contact Mrs. Lansing at blansing@lasalle.pvt.k12.ia.us or Fr. Tyler at dbq104@dbqarch.org.

  • The Holy Trinity Annual Auction will be held on Sunday, July 23, in Luxemburg.  See the bulletin for details.

  • Blessings to Lincoln Emmet Roush who was recently baptized.

  • Thank you to everyone in the Pastorate for your generous financial support as we close in on the end of our fiscal year on June 30th. 

  • Thank you to all parish members who have been sharing their email address and cell phone numbers with the Pastorate office.

  • World Marriage Encounter: September 22-24 in Dubuque.  Call 563-920-9419 or sign up at wwme.org.

  • He-Brews 3:4 - Thank you to everyone who attended our May 17th session and to everyone who has attended a session this year.  You are appreciated!  Our next session will meet on October 18th.  Please feel free to send ideas for future sessions to lasallepastorate@gmail.com .  Enjoy your summer and early fall!!!


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