Weekend Mass Schedule


Saturday - 4:00 pm @ Rickardsville

Saturday - 6:00 pm @ Balltown

Sunday - 8:00 am @ Holy Cross

Sunday - 10:00 am @ Luxemburg

Week Day Mass Schedule

* Tuesday - 8:00 am @ Balltown NO MASS

* Wednesday - 8:00 am @ Sherrill

* Thursday - 8:00 am @ Luxemburg

* Friday - 8:30 am @ Holy Cross


What's happening?​​​​​​

  • School summer hours: Begins June 1 and will be open Monday through Friday from 8:30-11:30 am.  The school office will be closed on Monday, May 31.

  • Baptism and Marriage Prep Classes will be held in person starting in August.  Due to the high number of couples requesting baptism class, we are now scheduling into October.  The August and September classes are both full.

  • Fiscal Year End: Many thanks to everyone for your generous financial support to close out the 2020/2021 fiscal year!

  • Church for Cash: August 29. Doors open at 1:00 pm. Show is from 2:30-4:00 pm.  Call Julie (563-543-1792) for info.

  • St. Joseph Pork and Beef Sale: Pre-Order meat forms available for pickup at the St. Joseph parish rectory. Request an order form by contacting Angie at 563-258-1865.

  • St. Francis Steak Fry Fundraiser: August 22, 4-7 pm. Call Loras or Tammy at 563-552-1757 for reservations/food count.

  • Prayers and deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Arlene Bahl.



Weddings: Contact Fr. Diehm (563-870-4041) at least one year in advance of planning a wedding.

Baptisms: We are now scheduling October classes.  August and September classes are full.  Contact Jim or Cindy Roberts (563-870-4428) before planning or setting a Baptism date.  Due to the high number of Baptisms in the Pastorate, classes fill quickly so allow several months to be scheduled into a class. All parents planning a Baptism need attend a Baptism class.  Baptisms typically do not take place during Advent or Lent.  ALL BAPTISM AND WEDDING CLASSES WILL BE HELD IN PERSON STARTING IN AUGUST.

RCIA: If you are interested, or know someone in our Pastorate who is interested, in becoming Catholic, contact Jim or Cindy at 563-870-4428.  Classes begin in September.

Informational Changes: PLEASE HELP!!! If you have have a change to your address, phone number (such as dropping a landline), or family status, please contact the Pastorate office at 563-870-4041 or email dbq104Sec@dbqarch.org with your new information.  This is especially important for those who had a Route 52 address change due to the highway renaming.  Thank you for helping to keep our Pastorate information up to date!

Pastorate Office Update: If there are any announcements that parish members need to have noted in the bulletin, please contact Connie at dbq104@dbqarch.org or call 563-870-4041.

If you are requesting a Mass for a loved one, please remember to make all checks payable to the La Salle Mass Fund and mail all payments to the Pastorate office at 835 Church St., PO Box 398, Holy Cross, IA  52053.

Faith Formation: Taylor Fortmann * dbq104ff@dbqarch.org * 563-495-3621

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For your faith growth...

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